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RUBI HAT ($20)

We’ve had a nineties revival and a fling with retro so it’s no surprise that the floaty silhouettes and flares of the sixties/seventies have hit stores and fashion blogs.
I wasn’t really feeling the flared vibe of the past few months…and then this Glassons playsuit came along and showed me how flared sleeves can be as subtle or voluminous as you like. Plus, they have the benefit of adding a touch of interest to a minimalist look- me likey! I wore this little get up for some lazy afternoon drinks and a few sweet compliments later I was a flared sleeve convert.

And so the hunt was on for more and I’ve rounded up my favorites- all for under $100 of course! Turn off Ad-Blocker to view:

Photography: Paul Lui

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trending: flared (bell) sleeves.

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